Condensed Matter Nuclear Science – The Way Forward

The panel will explore the problems and prospects of the future course of the CMNS field in the various countries, emphasizing the importance of applying established scientific methodology to understand the intriguing anomalous nuclear phenomena.


Emerging Career Opportunities in CMNS

Each panelist will give a brief description of their career followed by LENR opportunities from their perspective, how to best prepare for these positions, and suggestions for successfully applying to such positions. Comments will address some of the less commonly thought of opportunities as well as potential pitfalls of this career path. After the panel presentations there will be an open discussion.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This panel will focus on the span of opportunities for research, engineering, and subsequent technology development, and will include discussion of securing IP, funding sources, scalability and manufacturing.


Neutron and Radiation Production

This panel will explore the current theory, experimental design and novel neutron/radiation detection platforms in the field.


Transmutation in Biological & Chemical Systems

This panel will address underlying transmutation processes observed in nature, approaches to modeling, simulation, and applications of these observations that may lead to a greater understanding of mechanisms in LENR/AHE.



The world's Tritium is in short supply and is of critical importance for the development of fusion energy. This session will provide a historical scientific overview of theoretical and experimental observations on the topics of tritium production, experimental design, theoretical considerations, and the scientific method. The discussion will include the full range of reported observations and methodologies to include early work from BARC, postulated explanations for how tritium forms and new concepts such as "chair resonance" nucleation around tritium production.