Dr. Vladimir I. Vysotskii

Dr. Vladimir I. Vysotskii Dr. Vladimir I. Vysotskii is Professor of Radiophysical Faculty and Head of Theoretical Radiophysics dept. at Kiev National Shevchenko University (KNShU), Ukraine.

He received his M.Sc. (Quantum Radiophysics) from KNShU in 1969, his Ph.D. (Theoretical Physics) from Kiev Institute of Theoretical physics in 1975, and an additional Doctor Habilitus degree in Theoretical Physics and Solid State Physics (degree of Doctor of Sciences) from KNShU in 1992.

Dr. Vysotskii’s work focuses on the problems of X-ray and gamma-ray lasers; new methods of coherent physics, nuclear physics and nuclear optics of condensed matter; general problem of matter stability and nuclear physics at extreme conditions (including astrophysical and lab Coulomb collapse of matter and the problem of superheavy nuclei creation); nuclear physics at low and extreme low energy (including investigation of isotopes anomalies in living systems and study of possible nuclear reactions in biological systems); and modern problems of radiobiology and radioecology.

Selected publications from his approximately 300 scientific articles and books include: