Mathieu Valat

Mathieu ValatMathieu Valat began his undergraduate studies in Lycée Jean Perrin in Marseille with a Bs. in mechanical and industrial design in collaboration with SAIPEM-RISS, then he successfully graduated from the Arts & Métiers school in part-time schedule with the French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA) in Cadarache. After he got interested in the study of the Fleischmann and Pons effect, he moved to Portland State University where he achieved a Ms. Sc. in Physics.

He has worked in the field of energy since the beginning of his college studies and is still eager to work on new energy systems! Working on projects like the conception of a 5 MW windmill prehensile device to seismic strengthening of nuclear test reactors, he leverages his broad experience and knowledge base to understand the complexities underlying new phenomena.

He has been involved in the field of the Fleischmann and Pons effect since 2008 and until 2012 focused his work on elemental analysis and the characterization of hot spots. Then he decided to focus his effort in the selfless and philanthropic effort brought by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project as its chief scientist. He also collaborates with some key people in this field of study.

The final aim of his journey in research is to help develop an inexpensive means for decentralized energy production, so ending humankind's dependency on restricted energy sources, leading to a fast growth in spiritual evolution.