Dr. Akito Takahashi

Dr. Akito Takahashi Akito Takahashi had graduated from Electrical Engineering Department, Osaka University in 1963, got master degree in nuclear engineering in Graduate School, Osaka University in 1965 and Ph.D. in 1973 from Osaka University. He worked for 39 years (1965-2004) in Nuclear Engineering Department of Osaka University, research associate (1965), associate professor (1978) and professor (1991), and professor emeritus since 2004. He has worked in the field of fission reactor physics, fusion neutronics, nuclear data and nuclear physics in his career of about 40 years in the university. In 1978-1979, he was a guest researcher at Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center (Now KIT), Germany.

He got Honorary Doctorate in Science from Chiang Mai University, Thailand (1995), by leading nuclear physics activity with accelerator. He was awarded with AESJ (Atomic Energy Society of Japan) Grand Award (1986), AESJ fellow, Okada Science and Technology Prize (Japan) and Truffle Prize (Italy).

He was the first president of ISCMNS (International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science) in 2004-2008, the main international society of CMNS/CF/LENR field.

He was the first Director-in-Chief (president) of Japan CF-Research Society in 1999-2008.

He published more than 250 peer reviewed papers in journals and conference proceedings in reactor physics, fusion reactor neutronics, nuclear data and nuclear physics. He also published more than 100 papers of experiments and theories in the CMNS field since 1989 in journals (peer reviewed) and conference proceedings. He wrote three text books for CMNS/CF in Japanese (Kogakusha, Tokyo), and edited a CMNS book (Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, 2006, World Scientific Publ. Co.) in English.

He is currently working with Kobe University group for the MHE (metal hydrogen energy) program experiments (2008-2012), as a senior advisor of Technova Inc. Tokyo.