Mr. Jed Rothwell

Jed RothwellBA Cornell U. 1976 in Japanese language and literature

Programmer and technical writer, mainly in transaction processing such as billing systems and systems to monitor telephone PABX equipment.

Librarian at, an on-line library of 1,200 full text documents and a bibliography 3,500 items.

Rothwell edited many cold fusion papers, especially for several ICCF conference proceedings. He translated several papers and one book from Japanese into English. He wrote several reviews of the field in Infinite Energy magazine, and co-authored papers with Edmond Storms, Tadahiko Mizuno and Eugene Mallove. He wrote the book "Cold Fusion and the Future" which he translated into Japanese (with some revised content for the Japanese audience).

Rothwell spent a few months doing calorimetry, mainly with Mallove and later with Mizuno.