Dr. Michael McKubre

Michael McKubreMichael McKubre began his undergraduate studies at George Washington University and completed his B.Sc., M.Sc. (with honors) and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Physics at Victoria University, Wellington New Zealand. During his Ph.D. studies he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry and Electronics. On completing his Ph.D., Dr. McKubre was granted a two year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Southampton University, England. There he undertook research into the electrochemical kinetic processes involved with flow-through electrochemical reactors under the tutelage of Sir Graham Hills and Martin Fleischmann.

Dr. McKubre joined SRI as an Electrochemist in 1978 and was appointed Manager of the Electrochemistry Program in 1982 and Director of the Energy Research Center in1992. He is an internationally recognized expert in the study of electrochemical kinetics and was one of the original pioneers in the use of ac impedance methods for the evaluation of electrode kinetic processes. Dr. McKubre also introduced harmonic impedance spectroscopy (HIS) as a tool to measure rates and mechanisms of electrochemical reactions.

In the last two decades Dr. McKubre has applied himself to the discovery and application of potential new energy sources, particularly those associated with the deuterium/palladium system. He is recognized internationally in this field as an expert in the areas of PdH and PdD electrochemistry and calorimetry.. Dr. McKubre has been an active member of the Electrochemistry Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and is past editor of electrochemistry for the Journal Corrosion. He has received various awards from these three societies. In 1993 Dr. McKubre was co-Chair of the 4th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF4) and in 2005 was awarded the Preparata Medal for conspicuous contributions in the field of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.