Yasuhiro Iwamura

Yasuhiro IwamuraYasuhiro Iwamura got his doctoral degree from Nuclear Engineering Department of the University of Tokyo in 1990. He studied on inverse problems for the detection of defects in nuclear power plants at the University of Tokyo. He entered the Advanced Technology Research Center of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Yokohama. He has been engaged in the research on the application of plasma technology to power plants and the detection of explosives using neutron irradiation. He started his research on low energy nuclear reactions from 1993 and was awarded the 2004 Preparata Medal of the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. He is now a manager of technology intelligence group of Advanced Technology Research Center.

He has been investigating the occurrence of nuclear reactions in deuterium permeation through a specially prepared nano-sized multilayer palladium complex. The method he developed permits the transmutation of some elements, such as cesium or barium, into praseodymium or samarium with a relatively simple process of deuterium-gas permeation at a pressure differential of just one atmosphere.