Dr. Arnold O. Isenberg

Arnold O. Isenberg

Arnold Isenberg received his degrees at the School of Chemical Engineering in Essen, Germany (Ing.Grad.) in 1957, in chemistry at the Institute of Technology in Graz, Austria (Dipl.Ing.) in 1962, and his doctorate in physical chemistry (Dr.techn.) at the same institution in 1964.

Dr. Isenberg joined the Battelle Institute in Frankfurt a. M., Germany and was lead scientist in the Surface Physics Department in charge of development of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) until 1967, when he joined the Research and Development Center staff of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His research activities were directed mainly toward materials and processes for electrochemical energy storage and power generation, including acid-, alkaline-, molten salt-, and solid electrolyte based batteries and fuel cell generators. He directed the technical activities of NASA-, ERDA-, and DOE- sponsored SOFC programs, which were based on thin film solid oxide technologies that he invented and developed. These technologies found application also in commercial oxygen activity sensors for industrial combustion control for power plants and steel mill operations. His research and development activities resulted in 48 US patents and numerous US government and NASA reports and publications.

Since 1994 Dr. Isenberg is proprietor of Advanced Oxide Ionics and has done research in new solid oxide electrolytes that are based on calcia, magnesia and alumina and he conducted consulting activities in the field of mixed conducting (oxygen ionic/electronic) complex oxides for oxygen gas permeable membranes. 

Dr. Isenberg is a member of the Electrochemical Society; he received the Westinghouse Order of Merit in 1986 as well the international Schoenbein Medal for his contributions to SOFC technology in 2000.