Peter Hagelstein

Peter HagelsteinPeter Hagelstein got his PhD from MIT in 1981, and won a Hertz Foundation award for best dissertation. He developed relativistic atomic physics and x-ray laser simulation codes in connection with his PhD research, and continued their development subsequently in connection with ongoing x-ray laser programs at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He was a co-inventor of the x-ray laser, and was recognized for this work with the US Department of Energy Lawrence Prize in National Defense in 1984. Hagelstein joined the EE&CS Faculty at MIT in 1986, and pursued research on x-ray lasers, quantum optics, numerical simulation, thermal to electric conversion, and condensed matter nuclear science. He was a recipient of the 1990 APS Award for Excellence in Plasma Research in connection with the development of the laboratory xray laser. He was a co-chair of the 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion, and helped put together the technical document for the 2004 DoE Review of Cold Fusion. Hagelstein was awarded the 2004 Preparata Medal of the ISCMNS for contributions to condensed matter nuclear science. In recent years he has worked with Irfan Chaudhary on the fractionation and lattice-nuclear coupling in connection with modeling excess heat in the Fleischmann-Pons experiment.