David J. French

David FrenchLed by a senior Canadian patent attorney with 35 years of experience, David J. French B Eng LLB of Second Counsel Services can help you ensure that Intellectual Property will finally advance the interests of your business.

Second Council Services are provided by David J. French, BEng, LLB. of Ottawa, Canada. David is a graduate of McMaster University in Engineering Physics (1965) and of the University of Toronto Law School (1969). Having worked with Gordon Henderson after qualifying as a lawyer in 1971, David spent six years with the Canadian government working on law reform and international patent issues. Thereafter he has been practicing Intellectual Property law, eventually with the firm MiltonsIP in Ottawa, Canada. On January 1, 2010 David retired from regular practice at this firm to continue with his new business, Second Counsel Services.

During his career, David has helped numerous firms and inventors obtain patent rights, trademark and design registrations, providing guidance on not only understanding Intellectual Property but appreciating how to make IP work effectively to serve a business's interests.