Dr. Thomas Claytor

Dr. Thomas ClaytorThomas Claytor, Ph.D., M.S., Solid State Physics, (Purdue Univ. 1976, 1972) is a LANL staff member with ESA-AET in the area of nondestructive testing. He has been active in the American Society of Nondestructive Testing for 26 years and is currently chairman for the Northern New Mexico Section, in addition he is the DOE Review Panel Representative for the Center for Non Destructive Evaluation at Ames IA. Prior to joining LANL, he was a staff member at the Argonne National Laboratory for 10 years in the Materials Science and Technology Division where he was active in NDE for nuclear power. In his capacities at both Laboratories he mentored over 20 undergraduate and graduate students and sponsored PhD. research at Johns Hopkins Univ , Brigham Young Univ. and Utah State Univ. His primary interests are developing novel techniques for NDE applications on stockpile systems and for new and emerging materials. While at Los Alamos, he has led efforts to develop the first full waveform high frequency ultrasonic microscope and led the first group to perform large area high resolution tomography with amorphous silicon arrays at a spallation neutron source. He has received a number of awards including two R&D 100 awards the last being in 2003 for the development of Flash CT. He has over 67 first author reports or publications, and has 4 patents and two disclosure cases pending.